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NovaCentrix Empowers Industries with Innovative Metalon® Reflective Inks

NovaCentrix Empowers Industries with Innovative Metalon<sup>®</sup> Reflective Inks

NovaCentrix, a global leader in high-performance conductive inks, is redefining the possibilities in the printing industry with its groundbreaking Metalon silver nanoparticle reflective inks. Engineered for additive manufacturing of printed electronics and product packaging, these inks introduce various advantages that are reshaping the industry landscape.

NovaCentrix’s Metalon silver nanoparticle reflective inks are not just conductive; they are equipped with impressive reflective optical properties, unlocking new realms of creativity in the printing world.

Metalon reflective inks, composed of 30% to 60% by weight of 30–100 nm silver nanoparticles, result in thin print-film thickness, translating into cost savings. Here are some of the primary characteristics of Metalon reflective inks.

Versatile on a Myriad of Substrates: Achieving optimal optical reflectivity is effortless with Metalon reflective inks. They seamlessly adapt to a wide range of substrates, including plastics like PET, polycarbonate, polyimide, polyester, and polyurethane, as well as coated cardboard, labels, paper, and glass.

Applications as Diverse as Your Imagination: These inks are leaving their mark in several applications, including securing currency, bank notes, printing optical variable devices to prevent counterfeit bills, AR/VR lens coatings, and elevating labels, tickets, cartons, and containers.

Reliable Performance: NovaCentrix’s advanced ink formulations guarantee dependable, smooth laydowns with remarkable flexibility and crease resistance, setting new standards for performance.

User-Friendly: Available in both aqueous and non-aqueous versions, cleanup is easy with water, simplifying the printing process.

NovaCentrix offers two silver reflective flexographic printing inks and one silver reflective inkjet ink, compatible with various printheads. These inks can be cured using conventional heat-curing methods or digital thermal processing with PulseForge® photonic curing tools. The swift curing process, combined with the ability to maintain the substrate’s cool temperature, is a game-changer for temperature-sensitive materials.

NovaCentrix’s team of experienced engineers is ready to assist customers in selecting the ideal Metalon reflective ink for their specific applications and print methods. Customers can conveniently order these groundbreaking inks directly from the NovaCentrix website, with options for both sample and bulk quantities. For those with unique requirements, NovaCentrix also offers custom formulation services.

About NovaCentrix

Considered the expert in next-gen printed electronics for over twenty years, Austin, Texas, based NovaCentrix is the go-to leader for industry-transforming conductive inks and nanopowders.

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