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Nanoaluminum Purity and Performance

Nanoaluminum Powders

From defense and energy, to consumer electronics and health wearables, the applications for materials that incorporate nanopowders increases every day.

Learn how we make our Nanopowders with PANS

Industry Standard

With its tight size control, high purity, and excellent dispersibility, our 80nm powder is the standard for the Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Energy (DoE). Their applications include high energy, mass density explosives, penetrating munitions, propellants, structural energetics, with Nano Reactive materials, and primers.

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Nanoaluminum Powder Performance

Chosen for its high energy density, low ignition temperature, and abundance, aluminum powder is a popular fuel for energetic compounds. Nanoaluminum powder as a substitute for micron sized power can increase the reaction rate by up to 3 orders of magnitude.

The Environment

Nanoaluminum-based chemistries enable green energetics. The high reaction rate fuel allows use of a wider range of oxidizers, including those that are better for the environment, such as water and metal oxides – much less hazardous than traditional energetic compounds that use perchlorates, which release hydrochloric acid, or lead-based compounds that have long-lasting toxicity.