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Spray Conductive Inks

Crease resistant, flexible, with good adhesion for your large area electrodes and 3D antennae printing applications, our Metalon® conductive spray inks come in a variety of silver formulations, and can also be custom formulated for your printing needs. Whether for polycarbonate, ABS, or other substrates, our conductive spray inks cure well with conventional curing methods – and are extremely effective when cured with the PulseForge® pulsed-light curing tools.

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Silver Nanoparticles (< 0.1 micron) Metalon® Conductive Inks

Vehicle – Aqueous


Water-based PSPI-0250 is a low viscosity, silver nanoparticle spray ink which is well-suited for applications where a high electrical conductivity is required. Ideal for polyester, polycarbonate, and polyimide.

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This water-based, silver nanoparticle spray ink is easily cured at temperatures as low as 70˚C. Cured films exhibit excellent scratch and abrasion resistance, salt spray resistance, and excellent adhesion. Suitable for polyester, polycarbonate, ABS, and other plastics.
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SPI-502GL is a water-based, silver nanoparticle spray ink which is specifically designed for glass and transparent conducting oxide (TCO) surfaces. When cured, films of SPI-502GL exhibit high electrical conductivity, good adhesion, and low surface roughness. May be used as a seed layer for electroplating metals.
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Water-based, silver nanoparticle spray ink SPI-508 produces cured films with high electrical conductivity, good scratch and abrasion resistance, and good adhesion. May be used in EMI / RF shielding, filter and membrane design for wastewater treatment, and as a seed layer for metal electroplating. Suitable substrates include plastics and label paper.
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BKSN-01 Silver Ink Diluent

Inks with tailored physical properties and curing characteristics may be produced by using water-based, silver ink diluent BKSN-01 with PSPI and SPI spray inks.
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