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NovaCentrix Launches Highly Concentrated Gold Nanoparticle Dispersions for Diverse Applications

NovaCentrix Launches Highly Concentrated Gold Nanoparticle Dispersions for Diverse Applications

NovaCentrix, a global leader in conductive inks and nanomaterials, is proud to introduce its latest innovation: a new line of high-purity gold nanoparticle dispersions. Leveraging our expertise in nanotechnology, we are pleased to offer researchers and industry professionals a versatile solution for their cutting-edge projects and commercial applications, including biosensors and optical sensors (plasmonic nanoantenna).

These gold nanoparticle dispersions are characterized by their exceptional purity. They utilize pure water as a carrier medium with a polymeric capping agent at approximately 1.5% and devoid of additional dispersing aids or additives. This level of purity ensures that our customers can confidently employ gold nanoparticles in their research and commercial ventures without the risk of contamination from buffers or carriers.

Key Features of NovaCentrix Gold Nanoparticle Dispersions:

  • Particle Size: Ranging from 20 to 50 nanometers (z-avg as measured by dynamic light scattering)
  • Concentrations: Available from 1% to 50% by weight, including 1%, 10%, and 50% off-the-shelf options
  • Precise Manufacturing: Our advanced manufacturing techniques guarantee tight size control, exceptional purity, and outstanding dispersibility, ensuring the reliability of your research and processes

Gold nanoparticles offer unique properties suitable for a wide array of applications, including catalysis, markers, carriers, medical diagnostics and therapies, environmental sensing, printed electronics, and more. As academic research continues to uncover new applications for this remarkable material, NovaCentrix remains at the forefront of innovation.

Additionally, NovaCentrix offers high-performance gold nanoparticle conductive inks designed for use in printed electronics. Our product lineup includes two water-based inks:

  1. Aerosol Ink: Featuring 50% elemental nanoparticle gold by weight, formulated for printing using aerosol ultrasonic atomization.
  2. Inkjet Ink: Comprising 25% gold by weight, designed for compatibility with standard piezoelectric inkjet printheads.

These inks are versatile and suitable for printing on various substrates, including plastics (e.g., PET, polyimide), glass, metal, and paper. Formulated with a non-hazardous polymeric binder, the inks offer exceptional adhesion to most surfaces and allow prints to be immersed in aqueous or alcohol solutions. The gold nanoparticles respond to both thermal processing and PulseForge digital processing with the resulting high conductivity, making them ideal for fine-line printing and high-density interconnects. There are various applications extending from biomedicine and striking reflective-gold general-purpose printing.

NovaCentrix products are readily available for purchase on our website, and our team is always ready to assist you, whether you require off-the-shelf gold nanoparticle dispersions or custom formulations tailored to your specific needs.

For inquiries or to explore the full range of NovaCentrix’s groundbreaking nanotechnology solutions, please visit our website.

About NovaCentrix

Considered the expert in next-gen printed electronics for over twenty years, Austin, Texas, based NovaCentrix is the go-to leader for industry-transforming conductive inks and nanopowders.

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