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Screen Printing Kit

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NovaCentrix offers a kit of materials for industrial and academic research and development groups to learn about new developments in the field of screen printed electronics firsthand. This kit is being used for small production runs of prototype parts for integration, environmental, device functionality and durability testing, which allows process designers to begin to address the challenges and understand the benefits of device fabrication by screen printing. This kit is geared toward those who are experienced in electronics but not in printing. The equipment selected for this kit was chosen because of its ease of use and consistent results.


HPS series inks may be cured in a conventional oven. Please refer to the HPS-021 or HPS-030 datasheets for details.

ICI-021 cannot be cured in a conventional oven. Prints of ICI-021 may be shipped to NovaCentrix for curing using PulseForge tools. After printing, please dry the prints at 100 C for 3 minutes. Please ensure that a NovaCentrix engineer is aware of your shipment before it is sent and send a return label to expedite the process. Prints cured on the included Wausau exact index paper should attain the properties stated in the ICI-021 datasheet.



  • Screen with standard 700 square sheet resistance test design (8" x 10" frame with 5" x 7" printable area)
  • Round and straight edge squeegees
  • 100 grams of silver or copper ink
  • 250 sheets of Wausau exact index (paper is the recommended substrate for copper ink)
  • Printing back plate with clamp hinges and stand off spacers
  • Spatula

Instructional Video

Supplies Needed for Printing
Conductive Heater

How to Screen Print Conductive
Ink onto Fabric

Supplies Needed for Screen Printing
Conductive Traces on Fabric



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