Enabling Printed Electronics

The promise of printed electronics is advanced energy functionality at low cost, often on flexible substrates, produced by additive print methods.  Flexible or printed light-weight solar cells, batteries, displays, sensors, RFID - while some of these advanced devices are already on the market, more are in development.  To enable development and manufacturing of this next generation of electronics devices, NovaCentrix offers state-of-the-art photonic curing tools, materials, and expertise. 


Tour the NovaCentrix booth at PE USA 2014

PulseForge® Tools Enable Production of Next Generation Metal Oxide Gate Dielectrics

   PChem inks now available

See Muehlbauer's APS 20000 in action

PulseForge® photonic curing tools: High-Temperature Processing on Low-Temperature Materials™.

SimPulse® Photonic Curing Simulation

Metalon® conductive inks: material options for the print possibilities

Nanoparticles: We offer nanopowders, specializing in silver and aluminum

What is Photonic Curing?

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    Muehlbauer's Antenna Production System
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    Holst Centre and NovaCentrix team up
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    NovaCentrix is now offering PChem inks
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    Mühlbauer and NovaCentrix enter long-term collaboration