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PulseForge® Lift-Off™

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Low Cost, High Throughput Non-Laser Lift-Off of Polyimide and Other Polymers

NovaCentrix has developed a reliable non-laser technology to rapidly and economically lift-off polymeric films carrying thin film electronic structures from rigid glass substrates. PulseForge® Lift-Off is suitable for OLED, TFT-based displays and photovoltaic applications.


  Ultrafast heating of the interface leads to decomposition of the polymeric surface and leads to release of the free-standing polymeric film   Glass carrier substrates are upgraded with additional light absorbers to enhance interface heating and prevent light exposure within the device stack
  Expandable to meet Generation 5.5 substrate size needs   PulseForge® Lift-OffTM process is not feasible on crystalline silicon
  High absorption and high thermal tolerance substrate is required for fidelity of processing

How It Is Better

  Equipment costs are a fraction of laser-based lift-off processing tools   Removal of the device stack without illuminating the active layer
  Enhanced tolerance for imperfections within the polyimide coating   Processing rate of up to 5m/min


About NovaCentrix

Headquartered in Austin, TX, NovaCentrix offers industry leading photonic curing tools, conductive inks, material and expertise enabling development and production of next generation printed electronic devices.

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