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Lab Scale Printing

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NovaCentrix offers the following types of sampling:

  • Providing generic printed and cured samples of Metalon® inks;
  • Printing customer-provided patterns with Metalon® inks;
  • Processing customer-provided prints with PulseForge® tools.

Contact us directly for pricing and special requests, and to arrange a visit to our facility for printing and processing demonstrations. We frequently take PulseForge® tools to tradeshows in the US, EU, and Asia, providing additional opportunities for sample processing.

Printers Available for Customer Samples Processing

The ATMA CE series ( G5 version ) Four-Post Screen Printer for printing tasks on rigid and flexible materials used in precision applications.
  • Print area of up to 24" x 29 1/2" allows large scale samples or multiple smaller samples per print.
  • Great for conductive silver and other screen inks Large operational area
  • Adjustable mechanisms for quick set-up
  • Rapid generation of large prototype prints
  • Example: Mylar Overlay, Name Plate, Poster, Sticker, Sign, Flexible Circuit, etc.
The K Printing Proofer instantly produces high quality proofs using gravure, gravure-offset or flexo inks. Featuring electronically engraved printing plates and variable printing speeds of up to 40m/min, this is an essential tool for all those involved in the manufacturing or use of liquid inks. Ideal for R & D and computer color matching data, quality control and presentation samples.
K Printing Proofer
The RK Flexiproof 100 offers a high speed, operator-friendly machine for the production of proofs using water, solvent or UV flexographic inks. It is an essential tool for all those involved in the manufacture and use of flexo inks. Ideal for quality control, presentation samples, R&D and computer color matching data. Sample dimensions sizing 10 inches by 3.5 inches.
RK Flexiproof 100
The Geiger Gravure Proofing Press Model SGP 1540 is the standard of the industry for more than thirty years, used in the laboratories of most of the leading manufacturers of inks and papers throughout North America, South America and Europe. Cost-conscious production printing houses find the GEIGER Proofing Press profitable in reducing down-time on their large press by first making a test reproduction of the inks to be used on the specific type of stock before going into production.
Geiger Gravure Proofing Press
Epson C88+ (as well as wide format up to 17”) and the Dimatix DMP
The Dimatix Materials Printer (DMP) is a benchtop materials deposition system designed for micro-precision jetting a variety of functional fluids onto virtually any surface, including plastic, glass, ceramics, and silicon, as well as flexible substrates from membranes, gels, and thin films to paper products.
Dimatix Materials Printer


About NovaCentrix

Headquartered in Austin, TX, NovaCentrix offers industry leading photonic curing tools, conductive inks, material and expertise enabling development and production of next generation printed electronic devices.

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