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Product Comparison

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Select the NovaCentrix product that's right for your unique situation

Whether you are looking for a R&D tool (1200 and 1300) or are ready to begin production (3200 and 3300) NovaCentrix has the right product to meet your needs.


  1200 1300 3200 3300
Peak radiant power delivered (kW/cm2) 4.5 24 5.9 48
Max radiant energy delivered (J/cm2) 46 100 46 100
Max voltage to lamp(s) 480 950 480 950
Effective max linear processing speed (meters/min)* 30 30 >100 >100
Curing dimension per pulse (mm)** 75 x 150 75 x 150 150 x (150 - 4800)*** 150 x (150 - 4800)***
Max area cured per sample (mm) ** 300 x 150 300 x 150 Unlimited Unlimited
Pulse length range (microseconds)**** 25 - 100,000
Pulse length increment (microseconds) 1
Minimum pulse spacing (microseconds) 20
Max pulse rate * >kHz
Output spectrum (nm) 200–1500
Uniformity of exposure (point to point)* +/- 2% or better

* Dependent on pulse conditions
** Excluding edge effect
*** Process width can be readily configured from 150mm to over 4800mm
**** After 20,000 the additional energy delivered is negligible
All specifications provided are best current engineering estimates. Final values may be shifted somewhat based on engineering changes.


  1200 1300 3200 3300
Fully CE Mark compliant Y Y Y Y
Safety interlocks on access panels Y Y Y Y
Safety interlocks on sample drawer Y Y NA NA
Obscured light path for no stray emissions Y Y Y Y
Status indicators on-screen Y Y Y Y
Seals and gaskets on sample drawer Y Y NA NA
On-board HEPA filter Y Y Y Y
On-board solvent vapor exhaust system Y Y Y Y

Exposure Parameter Setting and Control

  1200 1300 3200 3300
Multi-touch interface screen Y
Single-volt power increment Y
Microsecond pulse increment Y
Pulse shaping with basic, uniform, and abitrary modes Y
Air-knife convective boundary layer flow Y
Adjustable distance from lamp to material Y

Monitoring and Data Capture

  1200 1300 3200 3300
On-board instrumentation ports
Thermocouple ports x2 Y NA
USB data port Y NA
BNC ports x2 Y NA
US 115V Power plug Y NA
Bolometer included Y
Data acquisition and display Y
Independent photo-diode for each lamp Y
Exposure parameter storage and retrieval Y
Estimated max speed for given conditions Y
Estimated lamp stress for given conditions Y

Design Features

  1200 1300 3200 3300
Scanning sample tray Y Y NA NA
Built-in magnetic-anchor sample fixturing Y Y NA NA
Water cooling
Lamps Y Y Y Y
Reflectors     Y Y
Cables     Y Y
Power supplies     Y Y
Quick-change lamps (tool included) Y NA
Quick-change lamp cartridges (no tool needed) NA Y
Auto-synchronized pulse firing with material motion Y
Long-lifetime lamps Y

Included Accessories

  1200 1300 3200 3300
Bolometer Y Y Y Y
Small sample chamber Y Y    
Magnetic sample straps Y Y NA NA
UV-stop lamp tubes for <450nm Y Y Y Y

SimPulse Included

  1200 1300 3200 3300
Included with base unit purchase Optional Y Y Y

Available Accessories

  1200 1300 3200 3300
EX-1 heated vacuum chuck Y Y NA NA
100mm controlled-volume neutral pressure sample chamber Y Y Y Y
UV-stop filter <350nm Y Y Y Y

Available Configurations

  1200 1300 3200 3300
Stand-alone Y
R2R integration included Y
Integration into customer equipment Y


About NovaCentrix

Headquartered in Austin, TX, NovaCentrix offers industry leading photonic curing tools, conductive inks, material and expertise enabling development and production of next generation printed electronic devices.

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