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PulseForge® Invent

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Highly configurable for
academic budgets and
advanced R&D

NovaCentrix is excited to announce the release of our newest photonic
curing system: the PulseForge Invent®. This state-of-the-art photonic
curing system is highly configurable for academic budgets and advanced
R&D, for development in applications like sensors, displays, circuits,
and photovoltaics.

Highly Configurable for Academic Budgets and Advanced R&D

Printed and flexible hybrid electronics development continues to move quickly in markets such as wearables, packaging, and automotive. At NovaCentrix we work with customers who have a wide range of processing requirements. Accordingly, the PulseForge Invent is our most versatile platform yet.

Process Capabilities

Capabilities of the base PulseForge® Invent configuration include:

  Sintering of conductive silver and copper inks on PET, polyimide, paper, or textiles   Soldering of standard RoHS lead-free solder paste on low-temperature polymers.
  Drying of functional and graphic inks   Reduction of graphene oxide and copper oxide
  Crystallization of perovskite or OPV materials   Drying and sintering of plastic coatings
  Sintering of CIGS and CdTe nanocrystal depositions
New Product PulseForge Invent

Base Configuration of the PulseForge® Invent: 6” lamp, 500V, 1 lamp driver, 1500W

Lamp Length 6” or 12”
Lamp driver voltage 500V or 950V
Lamp drivers 1, 2, 3, or 4 lamp drivers
Sample Table Automated, synchronized sample table with optional motorized z-axis positioning
Power Supply 1500W or 5000W (affects processing speed)
Air Knife Included
Bolometer Included
SimPulse® Included



We have answers. Check out our Invent FAQ page to get answers to your questions or feel free to drop us a note, if you don't find the answers to your questions.




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