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3D Printed Electronics

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Unprecedented Fabrication Capabilities

The 3D Printed Electronics tool seamlessly combines printing of conductive layer traces and 3D structures to open the door for conductive structure design innovation. Multiple nozzle heads allow this nScrypt 3D fabrication tool to rapidly deposit diverse materials such as polymers, metals, and ceramics. The integration of a PulseForge 1300 from NovaCentrix allows high-temperature curing and sintering of conductive traces with materials such as metal and ceramic without damaging adjacent low-temperature materials like polymers or other organics enabling multiple materials to be used in each layer, per layer. Inclusion of pick-and-place as well as micro milling, drilling, and polishing gives this tool unprecedented fabrication capabilities.

Design Features.

Key capabilities, without removing parts, at speeds beyond today’s fastest rates:

  Print both structural and functional materials such as polymers, metals, and ceramics   Rapidly switch between dispensing materials on-the-fly
  Dry and cure materials in situ, achieving instantaneous local peak temperatures beyond 1000C, without damaging adjacent low-temperature materials such as polymers   Place active or passive lumped elements semiconductors or resistors, capacitors, inductors and more

The tool seamlessly integrates multiple existing tools into one system, including:

  1 nFD fused filament deposition head   2 SmartPump micro-dispensing pump heads
  1 nPnP 360˚ rotatable pick-and-place unit   1 nMill micro-mill/micro-drill/micro-polisher
  1 PulseForge 1300 photonic curing unit allowing drying, curing, and sintering of deposited materials


About NovaCentrix

Headquartered in Austin, TX, NovaCentrix offers industry leading photonic curing tools, conductive inks, material and expertise enabling development and production of next generation printed electronic devices.

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