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Pulseforge® 1200

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Full-Size Features in a
Compact Design

The PulseForge 1200 from NovaCentrix offers state-of-the-art photonic curing in a low-cost,
compact chassis without giving up performance or safety. Designed to reflect the
experiences of our own team of scientists, the PulseForge 1200 incorporates features
determined to be essential for peak performanceand safety. With advanced multi-touch
user interface and wide control of processing parameters, users can quickly optimize
material configurations and process conditions. Backed by world-class process
engineering and support, the PulseForge 1200 is the ideal tool for research and
development of printed electronics.

Photonic Curing Tool for Research and Development

The NovaCentrix PulseForge 1200 photonic curing tool processes high-temperature materials on low-temperature substrates, and is optimized for use in materials and applications development. NovaCentrix has particularly focused on safety from the hazards of outgassing samples and extreme light in the PulseForge 1200 tool design. The sample processing drawer of the PulseForge 1200 is protective of the hazards of extreme light impacting the eyes of users and also operates at slightly less than room pressure with sample off gassing being sent through HEPA filtration before going into the exhaust duct. Based on the same engineering found in the production-capable PulseForge 3200 tools, the process conditions developed with the PulseForge 1200 will be sure to scale straight into pilot and volume production. When combined with NovaCentrix's SimPulse® thermal stack simulation package for predicting the time-temperature history of each layer in a thin film stack during photonic curing, the PulseForge 1200 comprises the ideal R&D platform for photonic curing development.


Design Features.

Key features and a low price point make it ideal for tight lab spaces and budgets.

  Effective with any print method, including inkjet, flexo, gravure, aerosol, screen print, and spin-coat.   PulseForge tools enable the use of new ink materials, including Metalon® ICI copper-oxide reduction inks.
  Can be used with nano and micron-scale ink materials.   Processing times <<1 millisecond.
  Sheet resistances below 10 milliohms/square.   Capable of processing depositions >30 micron.
  Ideal for use with flexible, low-temperature substrates including polymers and paper.   Ability to dry and sinter depositions in excess of 20 microns thick.
  Ability to create custom, composite pulse structures with high precision and accuracy.   User-selected pulse power and energies.
  High-accuracy reflector optics for exceptional (>98% outside of edge effect) uniformity.   Next-generation touch-screen user interface.
  Water-cooled lamps.   Automated, synchronized sample processing stage with multiple operating mode.

SimPulse Thermal Simulation

Developed especially for PulseForge tools and applicable to all thermal processing methods, this simulation package is standard on the PulseForge 1300. SimPulse is an invaluable design tool for predicting processing results, allowing users to close the loop. Learn more about SimPulse.

Easy-Access Connections

For R&D, it is not just the results that matter, but also how to get there and what is happening to the materials along the way. That’s why the PulseForge 1200 is designed and built with flexible data ports and integrated data processing for optional instrumentation accessories. The data ports provide the user the flexibility to utilize their own custom instrumentation. As a standard accessory, a bolometer for measuring the exposure energy is provided.

Pulse Shaping Capability

The PulseForge 1200 allows the user to optimize processing conditions using pulse shaping. These advanced exposure structures are key to drying and other processes, especially for depositions >10 microns. Pulse shaping is also critical for optimal processing of advanced reacting materials such as the low-cost Metalon ICI copper oxide reduction ink.
Peak radiant power delivered (kW/cm2) 4.9
Max radiant energy delivered (J/cm2) 46
Max voltage to lamp(s) 480
Effective max linear processing speed (meters/min)* 30
Curing dimension per pulse (mm)** 75 x 150
Max area cured per sample (mm)** 300 x 150
Pulse length range (microseconds)**** 25–100,000
Pulse length increment (microseconds) 1
Minimum pulse spacing (microseconds) 20
Max pulse rate >kHz
Output spectrum (nm) 200–1500
Uniformity of exposure (point to point) +/- 2% or better

*Dependent on pulse conditions
**Excluding edge effect
***Process width can be readily configured from 150mm to over 4800mm
****After 20,000 the additional energy delivered is negligible

1200 Introduction

New Copper Ink for Screen Printing

Printed Electronics Curing Copper Ink in Milliseconds

Enabling Printed Electronics

Pinaffo Pluvinage

Applying Screen Print Ink onto Sample
to Make Conductive Heater Print

Curing Conductive Printed Heater

Finished Product: Printed Conductive
Heater and LED Lamp

Supplies Needed for Printing
Conductive Heater

Supplies Needed for Printed
Electronics Sensor

Printing a Door Sensor for
Smart Home Applications

Photonic Curing of Door Sensor
for Smart Home Applications



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