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NovaCentrix partners with you to take ideas from inception to full production. Our PulseForge® tools continue to revolutionize the printed electronics industry through photonic curing, enabling product innovators and manufacturers the option of flexible substrates not possible with conventional ovens and lasers. PulseForge tools can save time, money, and enable product advancements in applications such as displays, packaging, wearables and circuits.

NovaCentrix's products are at the forefront of innovation for printed electronics tools and materials. For NovaCentrix, its not enough to just talk about innovation: we want to deliver. So, we offer off-the-shelf formulations of our Metalon® conductive inks which can be ordered in sample quantities economically and with priority shipment. Prior to purchase, our PulseForge tools can be evaluated at our facility with minimal arrangements, at noted events in the US, Europe, and Asia, or through a flexible lease program. We routinely work with global organizations as well as start-ups and institutes on projects ranging from initial concept exploration all the way to full production. And just as the printed electronics space is quickly evolving, we can adapt and shift our product capabilities as required. Please review the select information available here, and contact us directly with requests or questions.


The PulseForge family of tools heat functional inks and thin films in milliseconds without heating underlying or adjacent substrates. The tools are used to dry, sinter, or anneal thin-film materials on substrate materials such as polymers and paper. The tools also drive UV processes, and initiate and modulate reactions in materials such as the Metalon ICI-series of copper-oxide reduction inks. These tools are intended for product innovators and manufacturers in printed electronics who need options to traditional use of materials and processing tools such as ovens or lasers. The use of PulseForge tools can save time and money, and enable new types of products in applications like solar, RFID, displays, smart packaging, and even flexible circuits.

NovaCentrix has created the world’s first integrated photonic curing simulation. SimPulse® is an interactive numerical model for PulseForge photonic curing tools. SimPulse dramatically decreases process development time and reduces the number of samples needed for optimization. SimPulse reduces trial and error, and allows users to close the loop.


Metalon® conductive inks capitalize on advanced materials and formulation to provide conductivity options for additive manufacturing of printed electronics like photovoltaic devices, RFID, smart cards/labels, displays, and advanced packaging.

Utilizing nanoparticles and flakes, Metalon inks are available in off-the-shelf formulations as well as custom formulations for specific applications and print methods. Variants already developed include silver inks suitable for application by inkjet, flexographic printing, and gravure. Copper-oxide reduction inks are also available for screen, flexographic, or gravure application. Metalon inks can be selected based on desired substrates, performance, and cost.

Sheet resistances as low as 4 milliohms per square and resistivities as low as 1.5x bulk have been attained with silver ink. Sheet resistances below 60 milliohms per square and resistivities as low as 3X bulk have been attained with copper-oxide inkjet reduction ink. Performance varies depending on print method and substrate, and curing used.


NovaCentrix’ patented synthesis technology produces metal and metal oxide nanopowders with excellent dispersability in both aqueous and solvent-based systems. The nanoparticles are produced as dry, unfunctionalized particles, and can be shipped as powders or tuned dispersions. Several standard average particle size options exist, and custom sizes and products can be produced.

The uniqueness of the NovaCentrix process allows precise control of the particle size from as small as 10 nm to 100 nm and larger.

Nanopowder Reactor Technology
NovaCentrix’s patented pulsed plasma process produces unagglomerated nanopowders with unsurpassed size control in the range of about 10 nm to 100 nm in diameter. The particles are synthesized using a repetitive, high power (50-100 MW), pulsed electrical arc discharge between two feedstock metal rods. The ends of the rods are ablated and the subsequent material is heated in the electrical arc forming a dense metal plasma. The plasma then expands supersonically in a quench gas to form nanoparticles. After quenching, the nanoparticles are removed from the gas stream, the electrodes are indexed in, and the process is repeated. If the quench gas is inert, nanoparticles of the feedstock electrodes are formed. If the gas is reactive, then the most kinetically favorable compound is made. Thus, the same equipment can be used to make metal nanopowders as well as oxide nanopowders. Advantages of the process include:

  • The particle size can be tightly controlled to allow tailoring of particles to a particular application.
  • Material purity is limited only by the gas and metal feedstock purity. No other chemicals are required to produce the nanoparticles.
  • Particles agglomeration can be limited with proprietary coatings technology.

NovaCentrix currently sells nanosilver (25 nm) and nanoaluminum (80 nm) powders as standard products. We can also make other nanomaterials (such as metal oxide nanopowders) and powder sizes in quantities greater than 10 kg. Quantities from 100-1000 kg/month, depending on material, can be manufactured with a single reactor.




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Headquartered in Austin, TX, NovaCentrix offers industry leading photonic curing tools, conductive inks, material and expertise enabling development and production of next generation printed electronic devices.

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