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Nanoaluminum Powders

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NovaCentrix has been manufacturing high quality nanoaluminum powder for nearly 10 years.


NovaCentrix materials have a number of distinct advantages:

  • Tight size control.
  • High purity.
  • Excellent dispersability.

Our 80 nm powder has become the standard in nanoaluminum powder for DoD and DoE applications and is used in high performance and green energetics including:

  • Primers
  • Advanced propellants
  • Explosives

Standard nano material products include silver (25nm) and aluminum (80nm). Custom sizes in quantities greater than 10 kg can also be produced. We regularly ship development quantities of 1-10 kg, but can deliver quantities as small as 50 g and as large as 1,000 kg.


Chosen for its high energy density, low ignition temperature, and abundance, aluminum powder is a popular fuel for energetic compounds. Nanoaluminum powder as a substitute for micron sized powder can increase the reaction rate by up to 3 orders of magnitude. This effect has created new products as well as enhancements to existing applications.


Nanoaluminum-based chemistries enable green energetics. The high reaction rate fuel allows use of a wider range of oxidizers, including those that are relatively benign, such as water and metal oxides. Their products are much less hazardous than traditional energetic compounds that use perchlorates, which release hydrochloric acid, or lead-based compounds that have long lasting toxicity.

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About NovaCentrix

Headquartered in Austin, TX, NovaCentrix offers industry leading photonic curing tools, conductive inks, material and expertise enabling development and production of next generation printed electronic devices.

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