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EC-2 Sample Chamber

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Sample Chamber Processing


Fine Tune Your Samples Processing

Expand the PulseForge process window with a NovaCentrix EC-2 Sample Chamber. The EC-2 Sample Chamber allows you to easily process your samples in a purge or vacuum environment. The stainless steel construction permits pressurization up to 25psi and a medium vacuum. The quartz window ensures high transmittance across the entire broadband of the PulseForge. The EC-2 is dual-ported and enables the connection of external instrumentation/accessories through push-connect fittings. The standard configuration EC-2 Sample Chamber retails for $1,500.



  Optional external vacuum brings chamber below 2 Torr   Quartz window allows Ø80mm process area
  Pressurize to 25 psiG   Dual ports


Diameter 93 mm
Height 16bmm
Standard Configuration $1,500


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