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Photonic Curing Filter Set

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Photonic Curing Filter Set

Filter packs are available for PulseForge® 1200, 1300, and Invent™
 in both 150mm and 300mm variants!

Changing out a filter takes only seconds!


NovaCentrix Quality, Flexibility & Integration

NovaCentrix’ family of in-line filters for spectral photonic curing are compatible with all PulseForge R&D platforms.


Direct Subsitution

Filters integrated into beveled aluminum plate can be directly substituted for the quartz window of any PulseForge R&D system

Full Bolometer Integration

Full retention of PulseForge NIST-traceable integrated bolometer to quantitatively measure energy emitted – as each filter is located such that bolometry can be performed directly through the filter!

Direct SimPulse Integration

Energy measurement from the bolometry can be directly entered into NovaCentrix’ SimPulse® photonic curing simulation software to estimate the temperature in a user-defined thin film stack as a function of depth and time – another NovaCentrix first!



Watch how NovaCentrix' affordable, easy to use, and effective Photonic Curing Filter Set is the solution you've been seeking for advanced R&D - and beyond.



The Challenge

A typical flashlamp emission spectrum is broadband and includes UV, visible, and NIR emission (~250nm –1500nm). For some applications, it is desirable to remove portions of the spectrum.

A temperature-sensitive substrate may absorb a portion of the beam – even if it is nominally transparent

Experimenting in different spectral bands is expensive, with custom high-power filters costing thousands of dollars per filter.


The Solution: NovaCentrix' Photonic Curing Filter Set

  Removes portion of beam preferentially absorbed by the substrate
  Level of curing can be increased without damage
  Convenient, easy to use, cost-effective processing in multiple spectral bands with high-quality, dichroic OD4 filters rated for high power
  Recessed within solid aluminum cover plate
  Operating window can increase dramatically – within same platform
  Steel retaining ring and recessed optics – insure minimal contact with filter surfaces
  Filter surface faces towards inside of PulseForge tool – not the sample – so the filter stays clean



Four 50mm diameter filters: – Fused silica blank (full-spectrum processing)
– Visible block filter (475-750nm removed)
– Visible pass filter (400-750nm pass)
– NIR pass filter (700nm long pass filter)
Sturdy pelican case for storage and transport Included
Lens wipes Included


Photonic Curing Filter Set in Case Photonic Curing Filter Set


About NovaCentrix

Headquartered in Austin, TX, NovaCentrix offers industry leading photonic curing tools, conductive inks, material and expertise enabling development and production of next generation printed electronic devices.

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