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Controlled Environment Chuck®

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Introducing the
NovaCentrix EX-1

Designed for use with any PulseForge® 1200/1300 tools, the EX-1 allows sample processing beyond
standard atmospheric conditions. Pre-heat samples up to 300°C or increase thermal transfer
by cooling. A porous vacuum chuck minimizes thermal contact resistance and supports simple,
repeatable sample placement. The EX-1 sealed chamber allows purging with N2
or any other process gas. An external vacuum pump option is also available taking
photonic curing into a vacuum environment.


Take R&D to the next level with the NovaCentrix EX-1.

  Straightforward sample processing/alignment on porous vacuum chuck surface   Designed for operation on existing PulseForge 1200/1300 tool sample tables
  User-selectable controlled temperature range from 10°C to 300°C   Vacuum to 200mT and below with external vacuum pump option
  Integrated bolometer holder for quick process checks   Removable hinged chamber lid with quartz window allows vacuum and pressurized processes

Chuck Configurations

Base Controlled Environment Chuck

Temperature-controlled (10°- 300°) vacuum surface.

Base Controlled Environment Chuck with Sealed Chamber*

Temperature-controlled (10°- 300°) vacuum surface.
Pressurized or vacuum processing capability
(with user-supplied vacuum pump).

Base Controlled Environment Chuck, Sealed Chamber*, and External Vacuum Pump

Temperature-controlled (10°- 300°) vacuum surface.
Pressurized or vacuum processing (below 200 mT).

* Sealed Chamber available with two quartz window options based on expected use of the PulseForge tool:
• Fused Quartz – Suitable for PulseForge tool operation up to 500V
• Synthetic Fused Silica – For processing above 500V, fused silica preferred due to high UV transmittance

Controlled temperature mount and vacuum chuck, pump not included $12,500
Controlled temperature mount and vacuum check, plus vacuum pump and clamshell vacuum chamber $28,000
PulseForge Accessory, Vacuum Chuck for Controlled Environment Processing

Vacuum Chuck for Controlled Environment Processing


About NovaCentrix

Headquartered in Austin, TX, NovaCentrix offers industry leading photonic curing tools, conductive inks, material and expertise enabling development and production of next generation printed electronic devices.

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