Photonic Curing Filter Set

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Filter packs for PulseForge® 1200, 1300, and Invent – in both 150mm and 300mm variants!

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A typical flash lamp emission spectrum is broadband and includes UV, visible, and NIR emission (~250nm –1500nm). For some applications, it is desirable to remove portions of the spectrum.

The Challenge:

  • • A temperature-sensitive substrate may absorb a portion of the beam – even if it is nominally transparent.
  • • Experimenting in different spectral bands is expensive, with custom high-power filters costing thousands of dollars per filter.

The Solution: NovaCentrix’ Photonic Curing Filter Set

  • • Removes portion of beam preferentially absorbed by the substrate
  • • Level of curing can be increased without damage
  • • Convenient, easy to use, cost-effective processing in multiple spectral bands with high-quality, dichroic OD4 filters rated for high power
  • • Recessed within solid aluminum cover plate
  • • Operating window can increase dramatically – within same platform
  • • Steel retaining ring and recessed optics – insure minimal contact with filter surfaces
  • • Filter surface faces towards inside of PulseForge® tool – not the sample – so the filter stays clean

Four 50mm diameter filters:

  • • Fused silica blank: for full-spectrum processing
  • • Visible block filter: 475-750nm removed
  • • Visible pass filter: 400-750nm pass
  • • NIR pass filter: 700nm long pass filter
  • • Sturdy Pelican case for storage and transport
  • • Lens wipes