JS-A39S-R Silver Nanoparticles

Conductive InksInkjet Conductive Inks
Deposition: Inkjet
Vehicle: Aqueous
Resistivity: 7.8E-6 to 3.1E-5 ohm-cm
Substrates: Paper (requires PulseForge) and plastics
Features: High conductivity
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JS-A39S-R silver nanoparticle water-based inkjet ink features mirror-like effects in digital printing. Suitable for Piezo (Samba, KM, others) and thermal (HP) and plastic and glass substrates.

Pigment/Loading: Silver nanoparticles @ 30wt%
Vehicle: Aqueous-based
Resistivity: N/A
Substrates: Plastics and glass
Features: Mirror-like effects with digital printing
Print head: Piezo (Samba, KM, others) Thermal (HP)


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