• Jul 27, 17
  • NovaCentrix

Inkjet printing of electronics provides a quick pathway to test prototypical devices and structures. This method is especially suitable for academic and research labs that want to push innovative research in terms of materials, processes and novel device architectures. Our JS family of conductive inks is specifically designed to aid in this endeavor and it makes us incredibly proud to see our customers using these inks for cutting edge research.

“Inkjet-Printed Flexible Active Multilayered Structures” by Trudeau et al: Researchers from Canada are using our silver ink (JS-B40G) to print multilayer structures that could have applications in optoelectronics. Their work outlines the steps for optimizing parameters and materials for fully inkjet printed multilayer assemblies and provides valuable information for layer-on-layer printing interactions. Although, they tried other inks, they chose NovaCentrix ink for the final assembly due to the extremely low sheet resistivity that our JS-B40G ink provides.

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