• Mar 02, 18
  • NovaCentrix

WHS Student were given a tour of the company, educated on what we do at the facility and why we are working in the field of printed electronics by members from our Engineering and Sales team - Scott Durham, Rudy Ghosh, and Jake Greene. Most of the students are planning to go to University of Texas and study Chem E and BioChemistry. One of our of Application Engineers, UT Alumni, Vahid Akhavan talked to the students about his experiences. Another one of our Application Engineers, Aoife Celoria joined as well to talk about Chemistry as a major and the following career options after graduation. Brian Hunter, Quality Control, showed them nanoparticles exploding and talked about his role. Students finished the career day with some screen printing of our Metalon® conductive inks and PulseForge® photonic curing of the inks on flexible substrates. Followed by of course, pizza and ice cream.