• Oct 14, 08
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One manufacturer that is producing commercial nanomaterials is NovaCentrix, Austin, Texas. At the present time, NovaCentrix is focusing on two key product families related to packaging.

According to Stan Farnsworth, vice president marketing, NovaCentrix is leveraging its nanoparticle synthesizing and formulation expertise in the Metalon™ electrically conductive inks products, which can be printed on paper and plastic materials using traditional printing technologies. The first Metalon product from NovaCentrix is a silver-based ink for ink-jet printing which is capable of attaining resistivities of less than 10x bulk silver. (The resistivity of a material is a measurement of its opposition to an electric current.) This ink is optimized for application on paper materials. Applications for the packaging industry include providing the materials for printing functional patterns such as unique RFID tags, sensors or security devices on each item as part of the normal printing for the item’s graphics and labeling. The ink is formulated to be interchangeable with traditional graphical inks on traditional graphical ink-jet printers. In this way, the existing equipment can be used to provide new functionality, thereby gaining new value and competitive advantage for the printers and packagers.

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