• May 19, 17
  • NovaCentrix

Intrinsiq Materials, Rochester, NY., has partnered with Austin-based NovaCentrix to create a high-performance, low-cost, copper-clad polyimide achieved without the use of adhesives or time-consuming sputtering. These thin layers cannot be produced by traditional lamination processes. The new copper-polyimide is fabricated by directly slot die coating Intrinsiq Material’s CI -Ultra Thin Film (UTF) copper based conductive ink onto polyimide. The film is then post-processed using state-of-the-art NovaCentrix PulseForge® photonic curing tools. The coated copper layer is a fraction of a micron thick or more and can be subsequently plated and etched. These printed electronic thin film substrates can be used to create fine lines for High Density Interconnects (HDI). Furthermore, the process is the basis to produce trace profiles with very straight side walls facilitating high speed signal integrity. This roll-to-roll process can be configured to manufacture very wide-area web widths for large flexible patterned circuit applications.

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