• Sep 06, 16
  • NovaCentrix

Our Engineering Team
Our Engineering Team provides creative leadership in new product development and collaborative expertise in designing product improvements. They maintain current, state-of-the-art knowledge in electrical, mechanical and software systems to provide our customers with innovative products that enable their success in research, development and manufacturing processes. Representing the company at trade shows gives our team the opportunity to discover new directions and needs in the field of printed electronics. Through exposure to this multi-faceted engineering team, there is the opportunity for professional growth and development of new skills.
Software Engineer
Our Software Engineer works in collaboration with hardware engineers on the development of new technologies, research scientists to incorporate their latest findings into Simpulse® simulation software, and the applications engineering team to improve end-user experience for PulseForge® products. While working on feature requests, he balances his primary responsibility of shaping the long-term direction and vision of our Simpulse® software.
Mechanical Engineer
Our Mechanical Engineers focus on the physical design and manufacture of PulseForge® products. Documenting nuts and bolts of assembly and confronting the design limitations of high-power electronics are a few of the challenging aspects of this role. Advancing novel ideas with regard for function, usability, manufacturability, and simplicity are a few of the considerations that make our products state-of-the-art.
Electrical Engineer
Our Electrical Engineers develop control and instrumentation hardware for next generation PulseForge® tools. The design of modular components at the PCB and enclosure level is carried through production, test and field service by our engineers. Each team member has the opportunity to work in a dynamic and loosely structured environment that empowers them to take an idea all the way from concept to product.