• Oct 31, 10
  • admin

NovaCentrix, a leader in printed electronics manufacturing technologies, announced today that U.S. Patent #7,820,097 entitled “Electrical, Plating and Catalytic Uses of Metal Nanomaterial Compositions” has been issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

NovaCentrix's patent covers in part the use of flash lamps to sinter metal-based inks and materials on low-temperature substrates such as paper and plastic and includes high-speed and roll-to-roll processing. This process is critical to the advancement of innovative new products in photovoltaics, displays, RFID, sensors, batteries, capacitors, and smart packaging. As industry recognition, NovaCentrix received an R&D100 award for the development of this technology in 2009 as well as recognition by industry analyst group IDTechEx in 2008.

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