• Nov 12, 08
  • admin

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has granted an exclusive field-of-use license for patent No. 7,220,936, Pulsed Thermal Processing of Functional Materials, to NovaCentrix, the Austin, Texas-based firm announced today.

“ORNL has the opportunity to work with many companies engaged in the development of new applications for the solar and printed electronics industries. We are confident that NovaCentrix is uniquely qualified to commercialize this important intellectual property for solar and other printed electronics markets including RFID, smart packaging, and displays,” said Dr. Ron Ott, the patented technology’s co-inventor and application team lead for ORNL. “NovaCentrix has demonstrated a compelling capability to develop and market material processing tools aligned with our efforts and those of our clients and partners.”

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