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PulseForge® Invent FAQ

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Some frequently asked questions about NovaCentrix' PulseForge Invent.


The PulseForge Invent is a highly-configurable research and development tool for photonic curing built custom based on the customer’s application development area. This tool can be designed into over 15 different configurations, based on introductory level base model, high power, and high energy requirements.

The PulseForge Invent is built on the same platform as all other PulseForge tools and is capable of processing a wide range of materials. Curing, drying and sintering printed traces of conductive inks on papers, plastics and foils is a standard application of PulseForge tools. New applications are being developed daily. Check out our publications and our online videos for additional application support, or contact us directly.

The base configuration of the Invent starts at 59k USD. This includes a single lamp driver that delivers a maximum radiant exposure of 20 J/cm2 and a peak radiant power of 5 kW/cm2 delivered to the sample.

6” and 12” lamp sizes are available. Lamp size choices are dictated by the substrate sizes you will be working with.

Since the tool is highly configurable, we provide a base system that includes only the features and processing requirements needed for your application space. As the world leader in photonic curing, we have been manufacturing tools for over 10 years and created standardized components for a modular system that is fully upgradable.

Yes. NovaCentrix invented photonic curing and has the most extensive related patent portfolio of any company including over thirty patents worldwide. Our innovations result in the best tools along with innovative processes that enable our customers to be successful in their efforts.

Yes, all models of the PulseForge Invent can be upgraded later as your application requirements evolve. For example, if you have purchased a base configuration PulseForge Invent and would like to upgrade to increased power or energy delivered, you can do so in the future by adding new hardware options.

This is done by adding additional lamp drivers. The base configuration includes a single 500V lamp driver and delivers a maximum radiant energy of 20 J/cm2 to the sample. The base configuration can be upgraded by adding additional lamp drivers to increase the maximum delivered radiant energy to over 100 J/cm2.

In PulseForge tools, it is the drivers, or flashlamp drivers, that directly deliver the electricity to the flashlamps. Each PulseForge driver is designed and built in-house to specifications unique in the industry, including built-in control systems, solid state switching, and the ability to be individually monitored. Furthermore, they are modular: Each PulseForge tool typically has between 1-5 drivers to power each flashlamp depending on the energy output required for the application. If the energy needs grow beyond the initial tool configuration, PulseForge tools can be readily upgraded by adding drivers. As with many other PulseForge components, the drivers have the capacity for water cooling to allow sustained operation for industrial applications.

This is done by increasing the voltage of the main power supply over the base configuration and replacing the single 500 V lamp driver with multiple 950V lamp drivers*. The base version of the Invent can deliver 5 kW/cm2 to the sample, while the highest power version of the Invent can deliver up to 45kW/cm2 to the sample.

*Upgrading to (3) or more lamp drivers will require configuring the PulseForge Invent with a larger 5kW power supply option and additional built-in cooling capacity.

The Invent can be configured in two different single exposure areas: 75mm X 150mm or 75mm X 300mm. Additionally, the Invent includes standard a translation stage which allows for automatic synchronization of the flashes to increase the entire exposure area to 375mm X 150mm and 375 X 300mm, respectively.

Every Invent model comes with an integrated, motorized table. The Invent automatically synchronizes the table with the flash rate to cure areas up to 375mm in length. The Invent can also be configured as part of a roll-to-roll processing system.

Every Invent includes a NIST traceable bolometer that allows for calibration of the system to insure accurate and repeatable results.

The Invent keeps a rolling history of every single shot ever fired on it. The conditions are easily recalled and loaded into the machine with a single click of a mouse.

Yes. The conditions can also be exported to a file that can be read and loaded into any PulseForge tool, making transfer of conditions from R&D tools to industrial systems seamless.

Yes, a bolometer, which measures the energy delivered to the sample, is included standard with the system. Additionally, large and small controlled environmental chambers, a temperature controlled vacuum chuck, as well as a family of spectral emission filters are also available.

Yes, SimPulse comes standard with all PulseForge tools.

Colleges, universities, and research centers are just a few of the customers who are benefiting from this versatile tool.

Contact and our sales team can provide you with a quote.

Yes, we demonstrate our tools at various technical tradeshows and exhibitions. We also have tools available around the world for in-person applications testing with one of our expert applications engineers. It is also possible to submit samples for processing using the contact information found on our website. Please contact our sales team for additional information.

We have sold PulseForge tools all over the world. The PulseForge Invent is available for sale worldwide.

Depending on the configuration, the PulseForge Invent typically ships in 8 weeks or less.

The Invent can be set up in minutes. Base configuration of the tool can simply be plugged into the wall in the lab. Additionally, NovaCentrix offers onsite support and training as an additional service when requested.

PulseForge family of tools have the capability to create unique drying conditions but they are a much higher power system. Tools are designed for sintering, soldering, and annealing printed electronics materials.

The PulseForge Invent can be ordered integrated with a roll-to-roll system, which can also include a deposition tool such as inkjet, flexo, or screen. The Invent can also be ordered in a configuration suitable for integration into a customer-provided material handling system. We also provide integration services for these situations.

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