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Pilot Scale Roll to Roll

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Roll to Roll Speed and Flexibility

PulseForge tools can be configured for either stand-alone web handling, or for
integration with existing web-handling equipment. These new tools can be used
for manufacturing R&D and scale-up, including for pilot line production of 
continuous-web products.

NovaCentrix offers the PulseForge 1200 and 1300 configured as a standalone Roll to Roll print and cure system as an $80,000 option. This low cost configuration offers entry into continuous manufacturing with pneumatic/electrical roll handling, precise digital tension control, digital web alignment, flexographic printing, near infrared drying, and PulseForge curing at speeds up to 30 meters/minute. Inkjet configurations are available at additional cost.

PulseForge 1200 and 1300 tools can also be configured for integration with existing web-handling or conveyor based equipment. These tools are used for manufacturing R&D and scale-up, including for pilot line production of continuous-web products.

Process conditions developed using the Roll to Roll configuration can be transferred directly for use with the full-scale PulseForge 3200 and 3300 production tools.

In place of the standard Sample Positioning system the Roll to Roll configuration adds:
  • Completely standalone with no other required modules
  • Integrated printing system, drying system and PulseForge® curing system
  • Process speed up to 30 meters per minute/100 feet per minute
  • Process width up to 150mm/6 inches
  • Digital tension control and web alignment
  • Integrated static suppression system
  • Robust and flexible PulseForge software with touchscreen control for tight process control
  • Accepts a variety of printing technologies including flexographic, gravure, inkjet or rotary screen
  • Optional inspection vision system available
  • PulseForge control software with integrated web control features
  • High definition multi-touchscreen
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Flexographic (included)
  • Inkjet (optional at additional cost)
  • Slot Die (optional at additional cost)
  • Other custom configurations available
Slot Die Integration Photos
  • Integrated near-infrared dryer
  • Variable power control
  • Discreet emitter selection for up to 6 emitters
  • Integrated lamp service access
  • Integrated web handling for web widths up to 150mm (6”)
  • Roll Diameters up to 500mm
  • Pneumatic Air Shafts for 75mm (3”) core
  • Sealed Bearing Idlers
  • Integrated Static Elimination System
  • Web handling speeds in excess of 35m/min
  • Electronic offset pivot guide
  • Dual ultrasonic sensors work with transparent materials
  • Color touchscreen controller
  • Electronic open loop tension controller
  • Ultrasonic diameter sensor for transparent materials
  • Electronically controlled pneumatic tension brake
  • Digital touchpad control
  • Integrated stationary sample tray for small sample or rigid processing
  • Water-cooled lamp
  • Water-cooled variant of 1200/1300 Strobe head
  • 1200 or 1300 Power variants available



NovaCentrix PulseForge 1200 R-2-R Configuration Video

PulseForge 1200 Roll-2-Roll

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